Water Weights

We offer a safe, economic, viable alternative to load testing lifting equipment with dead or solid weights.

The development of Water Weights water bags has increased greatly the practicality, economy and safety for providing proof load testing in many applications. In addition, certain proof load testing situations only became feasible with the use of Water Weights. Typical use of Water Weights proof load testing bags includes industrial cranes in power plants, general industry and marine operations.

Water filled proof load bags are a unique and simple product specifically designed to provide a test load instead of traditional solid weights for all forms of testing. Water Weights bags are very light, which aids in handling. Bags are fully rigged and ready to hang and fill. Controlled filling and emptying is simple. The load is measured accurately with a certified flowmeter and or loadcell.

When performing load tests, gradual application of the load allows many problems to be identified prior to attaining maximum load, which allows us to preform non-destructive load testing, something that solid weights do not allow you.

Water Weights water bags are certified in accordance with Health and Safety Executive and American Bureau of Shipping requirements as well as being approved by the American Bureau of Shipping and the U.K. Department of Trade and Industry. The bags have have been specifically designed and physically proof load tested to verify their operational integrity – physically proven factor of safety in excess of 6:1 and are proof load tested to over 2:1 prior to being taken into service.

Water Weights Services

Asset Management

Water Weights delivers a range of management services to owners and operators of water filled proof  NEL Testing load bags and underwater airlift/salvage bags.

Working in the defence, oil & gas and marine markets we have delivered systems and services to help our clients maintain availability and capability of their assets:

  • Water Bags – ensuring compliance with HSE and LOLER regulations
  • Underwater Air Lift Bags – ensuring compliance with IMCA guidelines and LOLER regulations

Our engineers have extensive experience in inspection, maintenance and repair and our bespoke asset management software allows us to provide a total management capability.

Load Testing Services

Water Weights offers a professional and comprehensive service in all aspects of load testing.

Proof load testing of lifting equipment and structures is a mandatory requirement in most countries and is performed  Load Testing Services in order to verify the integrity of load bearing systems.

Through our international group of companies and approved associates, Water Weights can offer a global team of engineers capable of undertaking any load testing project safely, efficiently and economically.



Water Weights Products

Lifting Equipment Testing

The development of Water Weights has greatly increased the practicability, economy and safety of providing a proof load for all lifting equipment testing and load applications.

Water Weights offers an extensive range of water filled proof load bags from 1 to 35 tonnes.

Water Weights also provides specialist water bags for bridge, platform, walkways, floor and slab load testing.

Gradual application of the test load allows for any problems to be identified prior to attaining the maximum load, making Water Weights the preferred solution.

Water Weights’ core commitment is the provision of products and services to the highest standard.

Life Saving Appliances

Water Weights’ lifeboat proof load testing systems have been specifically designed to provide a safe and simple method of applying a test load to life saving appliances.

Life Boat Testing Water Weights’ lifeboat test bags and proof load bags allow for gradual application and uniform distribution of the load.

Controlled loading, unloading and minimal handling of the test load to achieve a wide range of capacities results in minimum downtime of equipment during load tests.



Bridge, Platform, Walkway, Floor Testing

Water Weights’ range of flexidams and flexitainers are used extensively for applying test loads to a variety of load bearing structures such as buildings, bridges, elevators, loading ramps, passenger gangways and decks.

Walkway Load Testing Water Weights weigh less than 2% of achievable load. This allows for ease of handling and positioning on site, and also generates very low transport costs.

Gradual application of load under test conditions is essential and is easily achieved using Water Weights.

The Water Weight range allows uniform surface loadings to be applied.


Load Measurment

Water Weights has extensive expertise and experience in the field of load and strain measurement.

A comprehensive range of products to suit all applications is available for hire or sale.

  • Load Cell Shackles and Load Links
  • Calibrated Flowmeters – alternative mechanical load measurement
  • Running line tensionmeters – constant load reading on running lines