MCU-Coatings vs Epoxy Paint Coating for Steel Corrosion Protection, protective coatings, marine paint

Epoxy coating or Moisture Cure Urethane coating? 
Take a look how much more you get with MCU-Coatings!

MCU-Coatings, Moisture Cure Urethane Protective, Offshore, Industrial and Marine Coatings:

Steel, iron, stainless steel, concrete and aluminium are world wide protected from corrosion and rust by the international leading (mcu) moisture cure urethane coating technology of MCU-Coatings manufacturers. These revolutionary marine, industrial and protective coatings have proven to outperform 2 component epoxy coating and polyurethane paint in many ways. Cost reduction by reducing project completion time up to 50% and 2 to 3 times better long term concrete and steel corrosion protection are just a few of the possibilities with MCU-Coatings.


“MCU-Coatings is the first to develop a true high solid MCU coating range reducing VOC emissions and costs significantly.”


MCU coatings are single component coatings with thin film technology, which allows for easy application. No other coating system can be used as widely with fewer restrictions due to temperature, dew point or humidity. MCU coatings also cure quickly even in low temperatures, but with the addition of QuikCure accelerator, recoat windows can be reduced by as much as 80%. With better corrosion resistance, longer coating life, and the best track record in the industry, MCU’s moisture-cured urethanes provide coating solutions that are second to none.