rope access

Our Uniquely Highly Skilled, Experienced Maintenance, Inspection and Riding Crews, are able to mobilise with minimal delay, from their various offices around the globe to carry out varied works with the Skill and Expertise of conventional Contractors.

Marine / Offshore Maintenance

  • FlareBoom Maintenance
  • Valve Refurbishment
  • Derrick Maintenance
  • Electrical Installations
  • Rig Maintenance
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Drill ShipMaintenance
  • Jack-Up LegMaintenance
  • Welding, Cutting and Burning
  • Coating Repairs
  • Ballast Tank Refurbishment
  • UHP Water Blasting
  • Dry Grit Blasting
  • Painting
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Anode Replacement
  • Bolt Assesement and Repair
  • Specialised Rigging if Required

Coating Services

With the need for Refurbishment of Ballast Tanks, Bulkheads, Shell Plating and Deck Head Regions on vessels that have a limited time-frame in dry-docking, the alternative of Rope Access Coating and Refurbishment has become an excellent option. This has taken the conventional methods of coating a step further, as Staging and Platforms are not used to the extent that they were previously. This cuts down the ‘turn-around’ time that would have been used in the building and breakdown of structures for access. The Technology now available in the Coating Industries have also assisted in the areas of Surface Crack Preparation and so forth.


Rigging areas Offshore have included the installations of FPSO Plant Structure to Windwalls on Derrick Structures. Our recent feat that was achieved has been the full Removal and Replacement of the Crown and Sheeve Block Assembly on a Derrick – Offshore. Others have included the Rigging of Exhaust and Manifold Systems into place as well as successful lifts in the following situations: – Anchor Winches, Flowlines, Anodes and Valves. We are able to access an elevated location, carry out the required Rigging in situations with building Scaffolding or using Cranes as platforms. The aspects of Rigging can be taken to any length without the previous cost of Stageing.

Our Rigging Crew have undergone Rigging Courses through North Sea Lifting, and with the combination of Rope Access, the Crews are capable of various tasks.


This is an area that has seen the necessity only in the areas where Specialised Personnel, not available to the Industry of Rope Access have been commissioned for the task. We have the Rope Access Personnel trained to get these Specialised Personnel into place and where necessary provide Scaffolding Platforms for them to work on. This includes areas for Radiography, Instrumentation Specialists, Metallurgists, Thermography or any other highly specialized personnel. We have Scaffolding Supervisors that are certified for the erection of these Platforms and Work Areas.